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What does my enrolment include?

Your enrolment into Adriano Zumbo’s Classic Zumbaron course will give you access to 8 full-length instructional videos with a step-by-step recipe, complete ingredients list and thorough equipments list and suggestions. You will also receive exclusive tips, tricks and secrets from Adriano himself, on how to make the perfect Zumbaron. You won’t find this anywhere else!

How long will I have access for?

There is no expiry date set on this course. This means you can go back and access any of the content, rewatching any of the videos and freshen up your skills at any time, any where.

Are there any ongoing fees or costs?

No way! Once you purchase the course for it’s yours to watch and rewatch. There are no ongoing payments, fees or memberships required.

Will more recipes be added?

While we currently have 8 recipes available in our course, we are always open to your suggestions. Is there a flavour or recipe that you would really love to see? Let us know!