Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo is one of Australia’s most celebrated pâtissiers. This country boy’s first taste of the sweet life was raiding the lollies and cake mix from his parent’s Coonamble supermarket. He began his apprenticeship at the age of 15 where his love affair with pastry flourished. His swiftly expanding empire began in 2007 with his Balmain shop front, where sugared-up locals couldn’t get enough of his pastries. An appearance on the first series of MasterChef Australia, plus a further 16 appearances, helped introduce the croquembouche and his infamous V8 to an even wider audience and made Adriano – and macarons – a household name. Adriano’s quirky creations became the talk of the town and shortly after MasterChef Australia, Adriano partook in a documentary series on SBS. Adriano opened nine uniquely crafted stores throughout New South Wales and Victoria, and he has released three bestselling cookbooks, including the most popular, The Zumbo Files which hit bookshelves globally in May 2015. In this publication, Adriano presents 50 recipes that explore unique flavour combinations, exciting textures and bold colours – providing a rare glimpse into the creative mind from the man food critics call the ‘Sweet Assassin’. 

This title of ‘Sweet Assassin’ was well earned in Adriano’s television show on Channel 7 – Zumbo’s Just Desserts, where amateur dessert makers had to try and recreate some of Zumbo’s more technical and inspiring desserts. After mesmerising Australia once again with his unique creations, in late 2017 Zumbo’s Just Desserts aired on Netflix in over 100 countries around the world which proved to be a massive hit. Zumbo’s Just Desserts 2 was shortly picked up by Netflix following the success of the first series.

In 2018, Adriano took his extensive experience to the US where he became a judge of a successful Netflix series ‘Sugar Rush.’ A baking competition with 4 professional baking teams, 3 rounds, 2 major cakes and 1 winner of $10,000. This super sugary series was picked up for two extra seasons in 2019 and 2020. 

Adriano travels the world teaching classes and masterclasses at food festivals in places such as Mexico, Taiwan, India, Indonesia etc… He has a love for teaching and education and thrives off sharing his knowledge and skills with dessert lovers from around the world. Adriano has competed in several prominent international competitions including Coupe de Monde and the Asian Pastry Cup. It’s his love affair with confectionery, combined with partaking in courses in Parisian institutions that include l’Ecole Lenôtre, Bellouet and a small stage at Pierre Hermé. 

The sweet chef became the first chef to collaborate with Arnott’s Tim Tams in 2015 and went on to create his own Bake at Home Kits which were wildly popular with the Australian public. He has also collaborated with many brands from corporate to cookware brands such as Kenwood and Sunbeam.

He has previously been an ambassador for Renault, Cacao Barry and has been an ambassador for numerous ‘Australia Days’ around Australia. Over the years, Adriano has been heavily involved in various charities including the Starlight foundation, Life Flight, Make a Wish, Red Cross and has visited numerous children’s hospitals as sharing joy where needed is a necessity for Adriano.

Adriano is currently working on the educational side of patisserie, teaching, demoing and allowing the young minds of the world delve into the mind of the sweet assassin. He is also consulting, collaborating and looking to create retail products and opportunities. Adriano is constantly evolving and always considering his next move, cake, or idea. Adriano’s infectious energy keeps his fans on their toes. They love it that way, and so does he.